About Us



Corporate Overview


With a dream shared by four people, we started our journey on 5th August, 2013. It has been 7 years since then, and now we are a company, who has more than 50 employees under their wings. We are one of the leaders in the market of system integrator, at the present time. We have made it our aim to provide services in a manner that is customer oriented. We believe in providing you with total satisfaction. Our work is flawless, and our standards are high, that is what has helped us to reach the top.

The journey of 7 years has seen both the sun and rain, and today we have created a client base with over 400 clients. Our clients hail from all parts of the country. We also customize the service for you to make it suit your need.



Our achievements


    • We have been working in this industry for near a decade, and we have emerged to be one of the leading industries in the sector.
    • We have been praised for our work.
    • We have a strong and sound financial structure.
    • Since we have stepped in this industry, we have been walking towards a path of profit.
Why choose us?

We are not claiming that we are the best in the market. We only follow the notion that when you make a profit and your business move forward, so does ours. We, at Preemptive Technofield commit to you to provide you with such a service which is fast and perfect. Also, we have very affordable prices.

Our uniqueness is our strength


When we being our work relationship with you, then the first thing we do is to understand your business. We understand the present scenario of your business and your future planning. We also take a heed of the fact that how the future in your business will shape. After carefully analyzing all these aspects, our experts come up with the best kind of tailor made IT solution for you.

Creating a better environment


We make it our responsibility to take care of your technological solutions. Thus, you are left with more time to emphasis on your business. This way we help in promoting a better business environment for you. We also help you in saving cost and bringing in the enhancement in time of involvement in the market.