Network Integration



Network Integration

Preemptive Technofield is a robust network collaborator with strong routing, switching, security, load balancing, wireless, voice and structured cabling. Working with a team of more than 50 skill personnel, Preemptive Technofield gratifies reliable and esteemed clients.


 Product offerings:

  • Fortinet: We work together with Fortinet in terms of offering UTM as well as Security products & solutions.
  • Cisco: The pioneer in networking world of internet today, Cisco network plays a crucial part in education, home communications, business and government interaction. The Cisco Internet IP solutions simplify networking and communication. Cisco software, hardware and facilities are used to craft internet solutions which allow people and organization to enhance productivity, improvise consumer satisfaction and fortify competitive advantage. Cisco is a major part of the internet world today.
  • CheckPoint: We have formed a joint partnership with Check point for offering of security products & solutions.Juniper: We have collaborated with Juniper in terms of offering Switching, Routing, Security as well as UTM products & solutions.
  • Radware: Standing as a world giant in the field of Intelligent Application Switching, radware allows full security, high performance and complete accessibility of mission critical networked application, reducing scaling and operating costs drastically. Radware’s cohesive Application Framework, Application Security and user to user connection solutions are organized by more than 2500 companies and carriers across the world. It offers the largest product range meeting app needs at critical junctures across the network which includes cache, VPNs, Firewalls, Web and Application Servers, Anti-Virus Gateways and ISP Links load balancing.
  • Riverbed: Top leader in the field of wide area data services, Riverbed Technology is a technical giant. It enables application performance over WAN offering magnitude orders quicker than what users experience in today’s time. Riverbed offers a distributed channel which work just like local.
  • Systimax: Preemptive Technofield is the biggest and most rapid developing associates for Comm scope’s framework cabling solutions



Network Infrastructure- Structured Cabling Resolutions

  •  Preemptive Technofield provide plethora of Structured Cabling solutions to customers and works collaboratively with some of the tech giants of the industry like Tyco, Digilink, Molex, Commscope and more.
  • As per the budget and technical requisition of the customer, Preemptive Technofield endeavors to offer the customer with best known solutions
  • Preemptive Technofield crafts the complete package solutions entering into minutest details of the customer’s requisition to provide them a full-fledged solution.
  • Preemptive Technofield boasts of a huge technical and project management team to assure efficient on-time completion of projects with largest quality of workmanship.
  • Preemptive Technofield works with extra efforts to assure complete user satisfaction.
  • We have executed some of the biggest and technically inspiring Structured Cabling Assignments across the nation.