System Integration



System Integration

In the recent times, Preemptive Technofield have drafted their own slot and position to offer tough backing of product knowledge for its effective sale and for offering robust integration of turnkey assignments and resolutions that are crafted keeping high-term upgradability and efficient functionality.


Our Product Diversity Includes:

  • NetApp: Global leader in the field of unified storage resolutions in data intensive field, NetApp is our associate. After its commencement in 1992, Network Appliance has mastered technology, product and services and helps in simplifying data management. The NetApp storage solutions comprise of specialized software, hardware and other amenities, offering unified storage managing for open network environments
  • EMC: Pioneer in rendering information and storage solutions, EMC is a trusted name in the field of information segment assisting companies of all sizes across the globe, securing the crucial digital information and making it continuously available. Our goal is to assist the companies extract the highest value from this info, at the most affordable price at every point in the information cycle.
  • HP: Partner for HP Storage, HP Servers (over 86 boards and Business Critical), HP Personal Schemes (Workstations, Laptops, PCs) and HP Printing Resolutions and Multi-Function Devices.
  • IBM: Exceptional Associate for IBM Storage (Tape Solutions, Archival, Commercial, Enterprise and NAS) IBM Servers (over 86 boards and Power).




Solution Offerings:


  • Storage: Data Security Resolutions for Companies, Storage Virtualization as well as Consolidation Aids, Tiered Storage Options, Compliance Resolutions, Business Permanency and Accessibility Resolutions, Regulatory Agreements, Energy Efficient resolutions and Information Safety Resolutions.


  • Server: Storage Virtualization along with Consolidation Aids, Cloud Computing Server and Solution, and Converged Framework Resolutions.