Refund Policy 


Preemptive Technofield is committed to a high level of client service. This includes clearly communicating the costs associated with the service and the process we use to facilitate payment. Below, please find our process for refund of money for incomplete services When a payment is made to us, the payment paid in advance are not earned in advance.

Rather, they are retained by us in a client trust account. While in the client trust account they remain the client’s money. We will take the payment upon working on a clients matter. If the client’s service order is completed and there are outstanding and costs and no monies in the client’s trust account, the client may receive a final invoice from us of these final payments and costs.Refunds are separate from the normal, above process of paying, retaining, earning, and returning payments.

Rather, refunds are typically the result of an incomplete service, damaged product received , or other issues relating to the product/service. Preemptive Technofield processes all written requests for refunds. Preemptive Technofields will review the entire matters while processing the request. Within thirty (30) days, our firm will send a mail denying the request, requesting more information, or granting the request. The decision as to the response remains completely within the discretion of Preemptive Technofield.

Ultimately, at Preemptive Technofield we would like to avoid the need of ever having to consider a refund. However, we are always aiming to be as transparent in our representation as possible. So we encourage our clients to ask their questions or communicate their concerns to our office immediately. We will then try to answer or address immediately. Such a process also permits our Company to continue to grow and improve its services.